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Argh, how very frustrating is it when people just aren't getting the glaring flippin' obvious?! When you KNOW that what you're saying is EXACTLY what is going to make the difference in a situation but no one seems to be listening - or they're listening but then go ahead and do the complete opposite anyway.

FFS! It doesn't feel like other teams have the same issues getting buy in to their ideas, does it. Even when they're repeating what's already said and not contributing anything new, people just seem to hang off the words of Neil from Sales or Derek from Finance. How is that fair when what you're saying makes so much more sense?

If people would just listen, things could really be different don't you think? You wouldn't have to spend time mopping up all the messes that you didn't create in the first place, and people would actually feel like the important asset everyone keeps saying they are.

It's not rocket science people! So why does it seem so hard for them to get on board?

'Get to know the business' they say. 'Know your metrics' they say. 'Speak the business language' they say. 'Toughen up and be less fluffy' they say.

All well and good in theory right, but you've tried it all and nothing seems to stick! The problem is, you've never been shown HOW to take your very important work into the world and make it meaningful enough for other people to take action.

You KNOW you're bloody good at what you do.

You KNOW that our workplaces need more of your skills than you're being given the freedom to offer.

You KNOW that if you were taken seriously, as a genuine equal in your business, you could combine your knowledge, your insight, your intelligence, your intuition and your PASSION to make the difference and change the world of work for everyone.  

So it's time to try something different. 


To stop holding back what you really think and who you really are because of how it might be perceived by people.

To stop trying to get heard by being available all the time and / or doing work that might be helpful, but doesn't really add value.

To stop allowing other people to minimise your message and your work because it's 'not commercial' or 'too fluffy'.

To stop being held back by the limits of other people's capacity to care because their focus is elsewhere.


So that you can be regarded as the expert in your field and acknowledged for the important contribution you make to the business.

Because the thing that makes the difference is YOU. Being more YOU. Being you out LOUD. Being you UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

No more trying to fit into the boxes other people want to keep you in. That's what we're talking about. 




Be the vision | Inspire action | Change the world

Amplify Your Impact is a six month programme full of everything you need to have maximum impact as a HR professional. 

Here's what's waiting for you inside Amplify Your Impact

DISCOVER Your Rebel Voice

Here we'll uncover and hone your rebel voice so that you feel comfortable and confident taking that voice to work, speaking up in the boardroom and being heard in meetings. You'll have 100% clear vision on what you're fighting for and why and how to clearly, compellingly and gracefully articulate it such that you can't be ignored.  

AMPLIFY Your Rebel Voice

Here's where it gets interesting. We're going to amplify this rebel voice of yours through a lens of stand-up comedy, giving you physical training on how to take up space and powerfully communicate your feelings, instincts and intuitions in a way that they are not dismissed as less important or worthy of attention and consideration than data. 

UNLEASH Your Rebel Voice

When we say unleash, we really mean it. You're going to take over the stage. Literally.
You are going to be the speakers, rock your content, be goddesses and walk away from the stage knowing that if you can do that, you can do anything. If you can share your voice from stage then you can do that from anywhere, to anyone. 

We're going ALL IN.

No, that does not mean you have to wear an animal print sparkly jumpsuit (although, you do you), but it does mean we're taking something we all think we can't do...and using it to prove we can do anything we put our minds to.

Stand-up comedy.

You definitely couldn't do stand-up comedy right?! Just like you could never speak on a stage, right?!

By the end of this programme you will.

Using stand-up as our guide (because who said work can't be fun?), we're going to help you craft your very own story that you will be sharing from stage at our 'mini-meet' in November.

Come with us as we critique the experts at a comedy gig, and benefit from our support, coaching and guidance to get you stage ready - physically, mentally and emotionally.

You could call this speaker training, but it's more than that. This is a deep dive into what it truly takes to be heard. How to take the tools you already have and the impact you’ve been dreaming of - but couldn’t create with your rebel voice under lock and key.  

 You are going to become the example, the vision, the what’s possible. This is you being the change. You’re not just learning how to talk, you’re learning how to do, how to be and how to drive the change we all need.

How it works

When you join Amplify Your Impact you will receive...


Starting w/c 10th June we'll get together every week - some virtual, some in person - all the way through to November when you'll be taking to the stage. Apart from August, who works in August?!


We have built in 'Creation Weeks' where you can create, and receive feedback on your key messages and how to amplify them for greater impact.


All the sessions we run will be recorded and you will be able to access them forever more! Save, of course for the final event, but we guarantee you the experience will stay with you for life anyway. 

Your very own community management playbook helps you understand your audience, build engagement with your community and define the actions to create a community that helps you maximise your impact.

Meet your hosts

Emma Djemil

I went from 'just HR' and afraid of speaking up, to speaking on stages of 500+ in fancy dress. Why not hey?

After a career in HR spanning over 18 years both in-house and as a consultant, I know all too well the highs and the lows of being in the people profession.

My career progressed at pace until a bullying manager killed my confidence and shifted my view of work, and of myself. Since then I've delved deep into my personal development journey, found my purpose and rebuilt my confidence to deliver it.  

I truly believe that amplifying your voice and enabling you to have a different experience of being in HR is the key to changing everyone's experience of work.  

I see you, you fabulous rebel. I know you're not like 'normal HR' and I know you’re ready you’re ready to make your biggest impact in a sustainable way.  

Connect with me

Toby Kheng

I’ve got 10 years of experience designing and hosting events, facilitating workshops and training sessions, and presenting videos for some of the biggest brands in the UK and around the world.

My dry, self-deprecating style endears me to most audiences (not my therapist). Couple that with my subject matter expertise in sales, leadership, and strategy, and you get an effective, engaging, and memorable “thought leader” in HR, People Experience, human behaviours, and the future of work.

Ask me about my time as a stand-up comic (clearly that went well), or my passion for wrestling other human beings in a ring. I’d love to say these things have helped me hone my audience engagement skills, made me fearless, developed my understanding of body language, and helped me learn to create memorable experiences for audiences... but honestly, they’re just really good fun.

Everything You Need To Amplify Your Impact as a Woman in HR!

It's time to claim your space as the expert that you are. No more worrying about getting 'found out'. No more evenings spent worrying about how someone perceived you. No more doubting you can do it.

More confidence. More certainty. More power. More impact. 

The Investment


Payment plans available

Registration is currently closed. Our next cohort will start in January! 

  • 6 months of training
  • In person coaching
  • 'Grand finale' event
  • Comedy night
  • Community playbook

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Each training session is 90 minutes fortnightly. All of the sessions are virtual apart from 1 - the comedy night, 2 - practising the presentations you'll be crafting and 3 - the grand finale where you'll be presenting in front of your adoring fans. 

Yes, they will! But you'll need to be present for the in-person sessions. 

This is a go-to resource to help you understand your audience and craft a strategy that achieves the impact you want to see in your workplace. No one playbook is the same, your playbook grows with you throughout the programme and beyond. Leaving you with a practical, personalised strategy on how and what to create and when to deliver it.