The Club is the leading community for women who are ready to have their biggest impact in HR.

It's packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on being the incredible HR professional you already are, but in a sustainable way.

PLUS direct access to my expertise and the community support you need to ensure you never feel isolated in your role again. 


Overcome self-doubt and take brave action in your career because you're not waiting for other people to see your value anymore

Protect your mental, emotional and physical energy so that you have the capacity for the things you really love

Find 'your' people and fill your network with other HR pros who understand what it's like in your world

Build your toolkit as a human, resourced, and know that everything you learn will have practical relevance in your day to day work

Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a community of other women in HR, cheerleading you every day

Embrace yourself fully, even the bits you've been made to believe need to be fixed in order to succeed

What makes the Club different?

  • No question is a silly question, which means you don't have to worry about being judged or getting things wrong
  • Our Clubbers come first, so whatever you want, we'll do our best to deliver! 
  • We operate on an 'inside out' basis which means our focus is not on how you do HR for other people, it's on supporting you as an individual
  • We come as we are, and encourage you to do the same - we're only interested in the person behind the job title
  • We're #NotLikeNormalHR, which means we don't take ourselves seriously and we have fun! 
"I was lonely but was lucky enough to find this group early in my move into HR, so although the day to day as a standalone can be lonely, I know this group will always have my back."

"You've all opened up my world so much, I never realised what a lonely soul I was. You'll never know the difference it's made, feeling that I belong. "

"Through the facilitation of much needed connection to other women in my profession, I found the strength to overcome challenges, value myself again, find my voice and speak my truth."

I incite this profession to a rebellion

I love helping you redefine what it means to be a woman in HR and go from overlooked, overworked and undervalued to bold, impactful and so sure of your value that other people's opinions don't matter any more. Here's how we do that: 


My signature REBEL Roadmap is the most practical and comprehensive programme to help you have the biggest impact in your career, sustainably.

You'll have access to content such as building your confidence; understanding your strengths, motivation and model of the world; communicating with impact; setting boundaries; maintaining your energy; celebrating your success...and more! 

expert contributors

Access some of the leading voices within our profession who are just as dedicated to supporting your development as me. With recorded sessions available from the likes of Kirsty Baggs-Morgan, Katy Walton and Michelle Hartley, you're learning from some of the leading voices on a new way of operating within our profession. 

monthly learning

Every single month access a live session focused on overcoming the challenges that come up time and time again for us as women in HR. Think communicating with impact, motivating people into action, emotional hygiene, getting out of overwhelm and setting boundaries.

All sessions are recorded AND you have the opportunity to take part in the monthly Act of Rebellion to be in with a chance of winning a prize! 



Our community is the hear of the Club and the place to go for answers to your questions, to get feedback, gain support or inspiration, or simply get to know other women in HR.

Might be a bit biased here, but our Clubbers are amazing and we have oodles of wisdom and experience to tap into. They make our community an incredible resource to turn to, 24/7.

Not only do we have this private, off social media space, you can also connect with your fellow Clubbers in Monthly Match Ups and our quarterly social events, too. 

connected mentoring

When we say we want to give you the connection you need to do your job, we mean it! This has been a complete game changer for our previous participants - access to someone who's walked their version of the path you're looking to follow.

You can join as a Mentor or Mentee depending on what you'd like to get out of the scheme - after all, the 'L' of our REBEL Roadmap is all about Leading and giving back to the community in a way we all know we'd have appreciated from the get go. 

the vip treatment 

We're proud to partner with a number of organisations to bring you the VIP treatment you deserve. Currently, we partner with:

  • Wellbees, through which you can access one to one video appointments with psychologists, dieticians and personal trainers along with holistic wellbeing content that is tailored to your needs
  •, which you can use to book travel at trade prices on hotels (saving up to 40% at 1.5 million hotels), airport and hotel transfers, care hire, local attractions and activities, sporting events and tickets and holiday packages
  • Access to the CIPD HR-Inform Lite for free, with an exclusive discount to the Pro version simply for being a member of the Club
  • Discounts and member only days for The HR Big Meet event

join the hr club pro for the ultimate level up

Everything you need to make real progress with enhanced support and accountability.

one to one support

Me + You = Unstoppable!

Simply put, there is nothing better than getting someone else to help you on your journey. It's that extra nudge and commitment to making the change that you really want for yourself, happen.

Imagine what could be different 12 months from now with me supporting you the whole time? With The HR Club Pro membership you have all the benefits of The HR Club membership PLUS 12 one to one sessions that you can spread across 12 months (if you want to) focusing on project you. 

the event you didn't know you needed

The HR Big Meet was the brainchild of the Club's Founding Members, and it's our chance to get together in person and celebrate how very awesome we are.

Think disco balls, DJs, fun, laughter, tears and an EPIC line up of women in HR sharing their stories of being a human in HRHead over to our sister page to find out more (click on the image).

With the pro membership you'll get access to the event, VIP seating and the chance to meet the Event Team (i.e. all the amazing speakers) backstage during the day.  

Get Instant Access to The HR Club!

If you're ready to make working in HR more sustainable, simply choose your membership level below and click to join us!*

HR Club Standard

Content and community access to: 

£25 pcm or £250 pa

  • Our signature REBEL Roadmap
  • Guest Experts
  • Online Community
  • Community events, classes and perks

HR Club Pro

Everything from The HR Club standard PLUS:

£2,500 OTP or £250 pcm

  • 12 one to one sessions
  • Frequency of your choice
  • Regular coaching, mentoring or simply a space to vent
  • VIP access to The HR Big Meet

*Because of the nature of the relationship we'll need to work together one to one, you're going to need to check I'm the right person for you before you go ahead and sign up , right?! That's why if you choose the Pro option, it'll take you to a booking screen to get some time in with me. Don't worry, I'm nice to talk to! You'll need 30 minutes interrupted, no need to prepare, just come armed with your wish list and we'll take it from there. Ooo, poetry! 

This is the PLACE for you if...

You've been thinking about getting some support for a while now, and are ready stop stop thinking and get on with doing.

You're ready to commit the time to your development - no excuses, no interruptions, the time for this is sacred in your diary.

You're ready to acknowledge your part to play in the experiences you're having at work (and in life), and explore new ways of being. 

You're so over prioritising everyone else above yourself, and are ready to give yourself what you need, too. 

You're ready to step into your next level of leadership, and pave the way for the next generation of women in HR.

You're done with telling yourself you have to be more or do more to have the success you're dreaming of, and are ready to go get it as you are. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It's time for you to take action. Simple as that. If you really want to start making a change to the way you're working then you need somewhere to get the support, development, connection and, most of all, accountability that you need. The HR Club is that place. If you really want to make a difference, the time is now.  

Absolutely. I have a 6 year old daughter and I won't be compromising on her bedtimes, not regularly anyway. It may be that some events are in the evening, some are in the day, but we have aimed to find something that works for most if not all of us. I also intend for all the learning sessions to be recorded and accessible on demand. 

Honestly, it largely depends what you want from a membership. I'll be upfront in saying I don't intend for this to be a 'technical' membership where we have lots of templates / advice for different aspects of the employee life cycle. That being said, I can see how there would be scope for a technical stream of some kind at some point, perhaps (I'll be guided at all times by what is useful for the members). The ethos of this membership will be 'HR' (that's you!) first. So, how does a woman in HR best deal with the challenges that the profession throws at her. For me, this looks like sessions on communicating with impact, influence, focusing on what we can control, boundaries, energy management etc., all wrapped up with a wellbeing focus. The wellbeing focus might be regular mindfulness classes, or virtual pilates classes as examples, and I see guest experts in the wellbeing space coming in to share their wisdom without the 'HR needs to...' tinge that we're used to. Add the cherry on the cake that is the community aspect, and away we go! 

I have a view that the leadership paradigm that we're operating in is due for a change. This is my perception based on my lived experiences. I think the leadership paradigm will shift when there are more women in leadership positions operating in their most powerful way. I want to see more women reach the highest positions within the profession, without having to compromise themselves or what's important to them, pushing an agenda which is more inclusive and transformational so that my daughter never feels she has to change in order to succeed in a system that wasn't created for her to. My skill set and passion are both aligned with supporting the unique challenges that women face at work, which is why the membership is for women only. I'd respectfully and wholeheartedly recommend anyone who thinks this is a load of rubbish to read Michelle P King's book 'The Fix - Overcome the Invisible Barriers That Are Holding Women Back at Work' to provide an alternative perspective.  

It's funny, because I ask myself that all the time! Honestly, I'm just a woman who's worked in HR her whole career, hoping to give back to the profession that I believe has the potential to change the world of work. I've experienced the highs and lows of working in HR and along the way I've built up some techniques, knowledge and mindset hacks to separate my identity from my role. I've been bullied without anyone to talk to because, well who do you talk to when you're HR? I've seen discrimination first hand. I've experienced the emotional toll of not agreeing with a decision and having to do it anyway. I get it. I've also walked my path out of it - not HR per se, but out of the emotional attachment to things that are outside of my control. I think this is accessible to everyone, and I want to share my learnings so that we can all do an amazing job AND have a fulfilling life outside of it. Really, I'm just someone who's got fed up with being set up to fail and decided to do something about it. If you're interested in my background though, along with my nearly 20 year career in HR (OMG), I'm a Brain and Behaviour Change Practitioner, I have a certificate in Applied Neuroscience and I'm a One of many ® Certified Women's Coach. 

There is plenty available within The HR Club to get you the outcomes you're seeking - no more feeling like you're on your own, less feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day, more confidence to have your biggest impact. It's all here. But unless you actually access it, i.e. come on in and take part, well you know nothing's going to change, right? We recommend setting an intention each month for what you'd most like to focus on, and booking in appointments with yourself to do just that. Small changes add up to big changes over time.

No, on the Standard plan there's no minimum membership period on the monthly option, so you can cancel anytime. Clearly, if you invest in the annual plan or the Pro plan, you'd be sticking around for 12 months (look at you going all in on your development - superstar). 

Sure! Subject to a call to check we're a good fit, you can do this at any point. 

Yes, of course! The best thing to do is to get in touch with me on to chat it through. 

We're not currently offering a trial, however if you want a behind the scenes look, get in touch with us on to book in a tour. 

Not ready to invest just yet? 

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