One to One Coaching

Reignite your impact. Rebuild your confidence. Redefine what it means to be a woman in HR.

With me by your side you will...

  • Be powerfully setting boundaries around your work, so that you can close your laptop at the end of the day knowing you've done all you can and be present with what, and who, is important to you instead.

  • Believe in yourself so much (without any of that icky, bolshy arrogance stuff) that other people’s opinion of you becomes irrelevant, and stop spending your energy trying to prove anything to anyone or 'be more', because frankly, the only person you need to impress is yourself.

  • Express yourself powerfully without the internal cringe fest and regardless of any emotion, from a place of power and control not frustration and overwhelm.

 "Your ability to allow you to explore your motivations, your hangups, your self doubt in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment is so empowering. I never thought that coaching would be so enlightening, but I feel more self assured, confident and aware of my abilities now. Thank you Emma for opening up a part of me that I had be quieting ignoring or doubting for many many years.

- Ellie

You've done the professional qualifications.
You've got the experience.

Why does it still feel so hard?

So look. Being at the forefront of the vast range of human experiences at work is hard. And you've done it for this long without the tools to properly deal with it, so berating yourself for not being able to cope or not being good enough should stop right now, OK?

Can I let you in on a little secret?

You don't need another technical qualification or letter after your name. That's not what's going to give you the credibility or help you make the impact you want to.

You don't have to compromise or change anything about who you are. In fact, you being amazingly you, is exactly what the world needs right now.

It's time to do something different. It's time to get back to being you.


Working one on one with me will get you connected. 

Connected to your worth

Understanding your strengths, why they matter, how to make use of them everyday and how to powerfully communicate them to other people. 


Connected to your body

Align yourself to your unique energy patterns and understand the activities that replenish you so that you're not waiting for the weekend or your holiday to feel well.  


Connected to your mind

 Learning the techniques to stop all the external stuff getting in the way of your experience of the world.


Connected to others

Interacting with people differently - personal and professional - and being able to ask for help from the network that you've consciously curated. 


 "I was feeling pretty worthless in my job . Emma got to the bottom of what was driving me to feel like that and then we signposted what we needed to look at to ensure that I felt like I was adding value in my day. I am much clearer on what I need to focus on. I feel so much lighter.

- Alison

Working one to one is for you if you:

  • Have tried ALL THE THINGS to get the balance right between work and life, but nothing's ever really stuck and you're ready to do what it takes to prevent your personal life being impacted by the demands of your role.
  • Know there's more for you to give, but you're not really sure what direction you're headed and are so over trying to work it out on your own.
  • Are ready to accept more fun, celebration and enjoyment into your life! Because it's OK to take your work seriously, and not yourself. Who said HR can't be fun?!

  • Are actually pretty boundaried with your time, but you'd like to take your practice deeper, and could do with a regular sounding board to provide inspiration and accountability.
  • Are ready to stop holding yourself back with your inner bullshit, and step boldly into your full potential.

  • Want to work in a way that's respectful of your energy so that you have time for the things you love to do, not just what you think you should do (because you're allowed to come first you know).

What's Included?

One to One Coaching

12 one hour sessions focusing on project you. All on Zoom and followed up with your agreed actions. 

The HR Club Membership

Access to the fabulous community of women within the Club and all its benefits, including the online community and the monthly learning. 

The investment for this programme is £1,700 and payment plans are available if you're self-funding.

Ready to explore?

Sounds good to me! Let's have a 30 minute introductory call (no fee and definitely no obligation). 

In your words

 "Emma was able to provide me with techniques to create a clear vision for my future and tackle negative thoughts that could hold me back. Emma's down to earth style made it easy for me to be open and honest with my thoughts." 

- Mellissa

 "Although I am in a senior position myself at work, when confronted with one particular individual I forgot my strengths, wisdom and knowledge. Emma was insightful and gently and helped me put together the threads of my difficulty and how to manage them differently." 

- Jackie

 "The time spent with Emma has grounded my thoughts, and given me back the headspace to breathe and focus on me. From a work perspective - I know how to 'do leadership' in my own style, but I also have the drive to focus on what I really want out of life without fear." 

- Alice

 "I have found me again. My life now is so full of positivity, I look at things with a completely different outlook and I'm excited and happy about what's to come. I feel I have truly evolved from who I was at the beginning of the coaching and the impact has been profound and wonderful." 

- Natalie