Ready to ditch the self-doubt and have maximum impact?

Confidence Hacks for Women in HR

You don't have to prove your worth to anyone.
The only person you need to impress is yourself.

But maybe you find yourself...

Holding back your opinion in meetings or with certain people, because you don't want to be perceived negatively.

Questioning whether you're up to the job, because other people seem to handle it so much better than you.

Worrying about making a mistake, and making slower progress on things than you'd like to.

Doubting the advice you give, even in situations that you've successfully handled before. 

Working more hours than you'd like to and finding your health or personal life suffering as a result.

Struggling to set boundaries with people and activities that take you away from what you really want to do. 

If this sounds like you, then read on below!

I'm Emma and I have just the thing for you.

I’ve worked in HR most of my life, but it wasn't until I was lucky enough to work with some wonderful people who helped me realise that success could come by being myself, that I started to wonder why we put ourselves through so much to fit in to the norm when the norm really only works for a few people.  

Tired of lacking in confidence, feeling like I didn’t measure up to other people’s expectations and that life was flying by without me ever really experiencing any of it, I embarked on my own journey to what I now call sustainably unstoppable.

Now, as the Founder of The HR Club, I'm on a mission to share what I've learnt with other women in HR and provide the support, development and connection that's really needed to be sustainably unstoppable in the pursuit of what you really want.

Why this works...


I'm a playful realist, which means I deliver things playfully - but I also don't beat around the bush. You'll get the information you need to implement the learning straight away for immediate impact, whatever that looks like for you in your corner of the world.


Often we notice the unhelpful behaviours first - I call these 'Confidence Compensators'. What's really going on underneath behind the behaviour - that's where we can make real change - and you'll have the opportunity to explore this for yourself. 


It's all very well learning something, but until you do the work nothing's going to change (told you I am a realist). That's why for every learning point there are accompanying activities and tools that I used, and still do, to maintain my unstoppability. 

What people have to say about this course...

"How you managed to get such a deep and powerful reaction and response is astounding!

My value is NOT defined by other people. My humanity and empathy is my superpower not something to apologise for."

"I approached my boss about the promotion...and stood my ground about some things we disagreed on.

It really helped me to hold the right mindset and to frame how I wanted the conversation to go. I would never have done that before! Thank you!"

"I found this was really fun and engaging, and thought  that you really understand the issues. 
It's helped me tackle those “inner voices”, celebrate my strengths and leave with some practical tools and actions that can unlock being unstoppable!"

"I have gained a new perspective on my situation and really started to apply some of the boundaries this new perspective has given me, and noticed a difference straight away!"

Over 8 modules, you will learn...

Your frequently used 'Confidence Compensators'

Brain friendly ways to increase your confidence

How to stop waiting for the confidence you think you need, and get on and do instead

Where your inner critic is coming from, and how to create some space between you and her

Why 'imposter syndrome' should be banned as a phrase

The neuroscience of confidence

How to spend less time questioning yourself and more time making the impact you want to

Ways to flip your internal narrative to support your personal unstoppability 

The investment

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a self-study course which you are able to take at your own leisure. There is no live element to the course. 

Due to the instant access you will have to the course, no refunds are offered.

The materials are pre-recorded training videos. There are also PDF workbooks to integrate the learning.